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Hard work is a good thing…

Have you heard of the “Four Hour Work Week”?  It is a book that tells you how to only work 4 hours a week and be successful.

My first response on hearing about it from a friend was, “But I like what I do!”
OK, I’m pretty sure I didn’t say it as succinctly as that, but I did think it.  I also believe in a good strong protestant work ethic (We have to get something from them, right?) and I would feel really guilty if I were only working 4 hours a week.  In the end, I voted with my pocket book and didn’t buy the book.
Penelope Trunk, has even more to say!  5 Time management tricks I learned from years of hating Tim Ferriss.  Now that is open and transparent!
BTW – She is a huge proponent of one of my favorite HR rules.  Transparent Salaries!  If you are ashamed of how much you are paying yourself and others, then DON’T.

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