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Writing code, thinking about the next small idea…

Is it possible to find a few small ideas to work on in between the big ideas?  Can I keep my brain interested in the small ideas?  This blog is a small idea.  Maybe someday, if I keep writing, it will have actual traffic.

As friends and family know (ok, also the two people who follow this blog), I’ve been actually writing code for 7 months now.  I haven’t been building infrastructure or fixing business strategy, or even really selling.  Instead, I’ve been building a pretty big software product.  Give it another few months and hopefully I’ll have a satisfied client on my hands.

Along the way though, I am beginning to work on a few small projects that over time might develop into a sideline or two.  Basically, I am enjoying the peace of working from home, cooking more, and flying around the country a lot less too.  My goal is to find myself a few things that can contribute to a decent extra income without a huge time requirement on my part.  Maybe this internet thing isn’t so bad after all!

I promise not to do this by becoming someone who writes about how to make money blogging for a living, for a living.  Get that?  This blog will NOT be about how to make money blogging.  Nor Twittering!!!

Still, if you want to know what I’m up to on a more regular basis, check out my twitter feed !

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