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Making bread, writing custom code and who are you hanging out with?

Those three topics seem pretty disparate, but hang out with ME here a moment.  I promise, we’ll get there.

A few years ago, we found an amazing local pizza joint, Apizza Scholls, and I started to think about pizza in a whole new way.  More importantly, the crust.  Over time, we’ve revisited the idea of home baked pizza and I think we might even get somewhere in the not so distant future, but the point of this ramble is that I had some extra pizza dough and I made a loaf of bread with it.

Not only was it good, it was easy.  Fast forward a few months and you find me with a bread recipe from the NY Times.  Suffice it to say that laterally 10 minutes of work and I had an amazing loaf of bread.  It went with dinner, and we made sandwiches with it the next day.  The hardest part was actually driving out to get the instant yeast!  Tomorrow we’ll try it with whole wheat flour.
Now how am I going to work custom code in here?  Well this is simple.  When you ask people about making bread there is an assumption that it has to be hard work.  There is an assumption that you can’t do it at home, at least not well.  Custom code can be that way too.
The industry will tell you that it is expensive and “locks you in”.  As if that is different than off the shelf software.  Well maybe not, but where are you getting your information?  Simpler.  Who are you hanging out with?  If you are a CIO/CFO are you hanging out with in the technology world?  Are you playing golf with people who have custom systems?  Or are you hanging out with the sales guy from SAP and his friends?
Maybe custom software is a bit like bread.  Maybe we should be giving it another look.  Just maybe we should all pay attention to who we hang out with.  Either way, I’ll be munching on fresh warm bread. 
(Oh, and I consider SAP to be a development environment, sold as off the shelf software.)

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