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This is a sad state…

In all honesty, I am ready to vote for Tina Fey!

When George Bush was elected I thought it couldn’t get any worse, but YOU CHOSE someone that makes you worse!!! Yes, his dad chose Quayle… Who we haven’t heard from since, but YOU CHOSE PALIN!!??!!?
OK, enough. I give!!!
At this point, I am not even calling your judgement into question. Your judgement isn’t even on the table anymore!
Your diehard supports can’t even support you anymore… You are left with the christian blind as your only support, and they don’t even like you. You had convinced me over the years that you weren’t an idiot. All of 20 seconds in an interview and your choice for VP has reversed that. In fact, her hour and a half at a debate has only made things WORSE. Can we say answer the question??

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