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To Debate or Not?

Since everyone else is putting in their two cents… It really boils down to a simple thing. Why is this debate over $700 Billion such an emergency? What is new this week?

When I double the cost of college for my kids, I want to hear the arguments. I want to hear Obama and McCain talk over this issue in public. Don’t get me wrong, not being able to get a home loan can be scary, but the truth is, we aren’t dying as a result. This isn’t Katrina. We don’t have people dying on the streets.

What we do have is some scared execs. Because in truth, they have a LONG way to fall. Suspend your campaign and head back to Washington? Oh, the indignation. Is he CRAZY? Maybe he just has REALLY bad judgment.

We have already seen what he’ll do to get ahead…
1) Returning from the war, to an injured wife, he took his show on the road and slept around.
2) He found a rich woman and marries her BEFORE he has a divorce.
3) In spite of having a clear personal fiduciary conflict, he attempts to intervene in the Keating Scandal.
4) Time after time, he asks to remove regulation from industries.
5) He chooses a running mate with ZERO experience and a bad track record on transparency, based soly on her ability to excite the christian mom.

His judgment seems to revolve around the idea that the ends justify the means.

GW has done two things during his tenure. The first is that he has presided over the bankrupting of our country. The second though, is that he has removed all transparency from the system. His administration has fought all laws that require transparency. We are supposed to have a government by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE. To do that, we, the PEOPLE, need to know what is going on.

What does that mean today? That means that McCain had better regrow a set and go take his lumps like a man. Bring us transparency. Stand up and explain that in the past, he pushed to remove the regulation that was put into place to keep this from happening, but that he was mistaken. That he is personally sorry for that. Apologize for selecting Palin and ask Ron Paul to join his ticket.

Actually, maybe Obama should just appoint Ron Paul his Treasury Secretary Designate and this thing will be all over!

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