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Politics, the left and the right…

I’m going to go out on a bit of a winger here and just put this out there. 60% to 70% of the right and the left are basically in the middle and have the same goals. However, we look at things through very different filters. The left (me) is inhabited by people who see in gray scale. We have very few absolutes.  We like to “understand” people and motives.  I consider the idea that one person is good and another evil (or even right and wrong) to be a a lazy cop out.We tend to be very empathetic.  These are the us and we people, always searching for reasons why we aren’t better than others.

The right however is populated by people who think in terms of right & wrong, good & evil, and black & white. They consider the thought of a gray to be a weakness. They find it difficult to empathize with the enemy; with anyone with whom they disagree.  Solutions are broad ideas and the ends justify the means. Often the details get in their way, but they are very good at looking beyond.

Lets talk about the fringe though…  I find the groups I just lined out to be well intentioned.  However, there is a third group that I have trouble with.  This is the group that is in it for themselves.  They vote to save a buck on taxes today.  They willingly impinge their own honor for a few bucks.  Interestingly, this is the same group that follows Ron Paul, but they really don’t understand him.  Ron basically wants a level playing field.  PERIOD!  But this is a group who just wants their own tax break.  They have no problem taking government services either though.  Basically, these are bullies.

They want special deals and deductions.  They want to pay less and get more.  They don’t believe in the system, but they are willing to milk it!  This is a bunch of libertarians and republicans espousing their lassiez-faire policies, but financing it with a beer and wine distributership that is only a viable business because of the incredible regulatory burdens that protect it!  This is a group of people who have and who don’t want to play fair, so they lie and cheat.  And they are the first people that Ron Paul would strike down!

Of course, as someone on the left, I’m smarter than you and my empathetic nature lets me see that those on the right see black and white…  Or maybe its just too late…

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