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India, 2008 – Day One

I left Portland, OR, USA on Thursday, the 9th of October at about 4:00 PM PST…  Needless to say, two 10 hour flights, a 1.5 hour flight and about 5.5 hours of layover later, it was 9:00 AM IST on Saturday the 11th in India…  I  saw an old airport in Amsterdam and a shiny new international airport in Hyderabad, but landed in a scene right out of the old days.  The Vizag Airport of today is a worn but usable building in the flatlands near the sea.

You can see the hulking concrete expanse of what will be the very modern international airport, but not for at least 6 months.  The bus from the plane skirts the new terminal passes the other planes on the runway and zips around the corner in the oppressive, but not unbearable heat and we pull up at the single gate.  Elbows and shoulders get me my bags and I roll them out…

Amidst the crush of sheer humanity, dressed as if she was in Portland, Sri darts forward and I am home.  A hug for Bala and then my bags are whisked away for me…  Amidst the cacophony of horns, everything has a horn, from the moped to the bus, we zip (the only word for driving here) in and out of traffic…

First stop is Sri’s oldest Aunt’s house,it is family tradition to always stop their first, where I meet her uncle and get a quick hit of caffene, hidden deep in the chai that I love from Sri.  Our second stop is home!

Once home, lunch and visitors.  In some ways, the home is exactly as described and in others, bears no resemblance whatsoever…  The smooth, cool concrete of the floor is comforting as is the bustle of activity from the kitchen.  Construction here is very different from home or even Europe and I’ll touch on that in a later post, with photos.

They have a wonderful terrace at the front of the house, and as they basically live on the second floor it puts you in the street, but also allows you to be out of the street.  The street is always going, mopeds, bikes, motorcylcles, trucks, cars, people, even a dog or two.

I caught a bright orange drangon fly taking a break on a wire and I love the moment it captures…

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