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Transitions… Life, puppies, kids, life…

So, as I move from one job to another… I ponder. As the last puppy leaves, as life moves on, one day breaking into another, as I meet new friends…

I find myself pondering.

I find myself looking back as I move forward, looking into my past to guess my future. Have I learned, am I learning? Will tomorrow look like yesterday?

I love the idea that people read this, that someone might stumble upon it. That
by some stroke of coincidence, of luck, that someone in my future might read this in their past. That I might stumble upon someone’s writings in the past of my future and that I might be changed.

In truth, very few people read this. And I write rarely. Therefore, the odds are low, but that is the thing about fate. It strikes when we aren’t looking, when life steers to the right and we turn left instead. And so, maybe…

But one thing I do know. My daughter, maybe my kids, will see this someday, and maybe find herself there. At least she will see herself through my eyes. See my thoughts as I wrote them. I don’t know that I write anything of importance, but in truth, it is only when read next to the calendar in my head that I see my true thoughts. It is like a code, what I wrote and what I remember. Together, they help to clarify what was.


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