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Easter, spring, 41 degrees!!! :)

On this Easter, the sun has even shown… But spring doesn’t feel around the corner. That must mean it is though. Isn’t that how the world works?

I have to admit to a great winter. While I had a good job, I now enjoy an even more challenging and rewarding one. I’ve always had lots of good friends but now I seem to have even more. Maybe even one in particular, but really, who is counting?

While the body is definitely aging, isn’t it amazing how we get to watch our kids grow and blosom? At 2 and a half, or as she says, “two-half”, my daughter continually amazes me. Her ability to roll with things, to gather information like a sponge, to smile, to offer a hug, to DEMAND a park. And really… What is it about a swing? 45 minutes? Tisn’t mine to understand I guess.

Somehow I’ve been thinking about teams a lot lately. Obviously this has something to do with helping to craft and mold one. Inheriting a strong team is such a gift, but tuning isn’t always as easy as it looks. I miss the team at home though. Its been a few years now, since the team split up. And more still since it fired with any accuracy, but building a great team at the office has made me miss the one I had at home even more.

And in the end, isn’t that what family is? The team at home…

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