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On this rainy night…

So, in the tradition of a wet and rainy winter evening, it is a chance to reflect on work, and life and 7 cranky barking puppies…

I’ve been interviewing for several weeks with a local company. We have come to a verbal agreement and it looks like I’ll be changing my work address. When your dream job knocks on the door and asks if you are interested, what do you do? Well, duh! You ask when the start date is.

This new position will leave me the manager. If there are leadership issues, they will be mine. Mine I tell you. LOL. I am goin back to the client side of the fence. I will bein charge of the IT Department, reporting to the CFO for the time being and combining a team in Washington with a team in Oregon to build a single team. I’m sure that challenges will abound, but what can I say. I can’t wait for the challenge.

It is very hard to not be thinking about those challenges. I still have challenges in my old job. At least for a few more weeks. There is a transition to be undertaken. There are projects to be wound up. There are details to be handled. But generally, those are all things that serve to distract me from spending all of my time thinking about the upcoming job!!!

Oh, yeah. Isn’t she cute?


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