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Wow. Chirstmas is here!

So, in the midst of this thing that we call Chirstmas, driving the 3.5 miles from the office to home, it occurs to me. Well actually, it takes FOURTY-FIVE minutes this time of year. It occurs to me that I have what I want for Christmas this year. Things are a bit tight this year. Which turns out to be just fine.

I have exactly what I want. And it isn’t going to cost me a dime to buy a present for Grandma. See that picture to the left? Well, I have her, and Grandma is going to get an 8X10 and she is going to LOVE it.

This isn’t the best year for some of my friends. The news is full of people who aren’t going to have jobs in January. Others are giving their life to support freedom. Whatever you think of our president. Whatever you think of our motives. The troops are doing what they’ve been trained to do. They are getting killed. And we are definitely making the world less safe. But it is a path that has been chosen for us. We are now on it. And that can be scary. On the other hand, even Mr. Bush is running into a rough patch, so maybe there is such a thing as Karma.

Well then, what about me you might ask? Well, I’m in a bit of limbo. But there are worse things. Limbo between many positive choices. In general, I entered the year moving forward, and as I leave the year, I am moving forward. Joined by my amazing daughter, good friends, new and old, family and everyone else. Join me in welcoming 2006!


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