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Team building and leadership…

Who builds teams? Does it have to be the Quarterback? Why not the center? Does it have to be the CEO? Can a member of middle management take the moves to create a great team without destabilizing the leadership?

Some teams look like they have a weak leader but when you dig, the real leadership is just hidden… Take our country for example… Can a weak leader like George Bush have a great team? Part of the reason his team seems to succeed is that he is such a dolt it is hard to bring an issue up in serious discussion. BUT, there are team members (agree with them or not) who carry real power. Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld… Evil and strange maybe, but by putting a dolt like Bush in front, they never have to discuss their decisions…

How about business, or back to sports. Is it true that team builders don’t always float to the top, as the cream? There are always the cases where the wrong person is promoted, but in reality, the team knows who the leaders are and in the end, the leaders are successful, aren’t they?

Just pondering some things that may, or may not, be relevant…

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