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Back in the saddle? Well she is riding the dog!

So here I am, after a long pause, finally coming up for air, writing another entry. What is it about blogging that makes us apologize for the long delays between posts? As if there are actually people reading these things. What makes us think that we are so important that people care? Oh well, as the author AND only reader, I accept my own apology!

As the world (ok, at least NOLA) recovers from Katrina, here comes Wilma at Florida. Jeb does seem to be a bit better than brother George. He has already mobilized the National Guard and has things at least partially in hand. Since Andrew, Florida seems a bit better at this stuff than the rest of the South, but maybe the easy stuff has all blown away.Flickr Photo

Life at the office, strange as always. Have you ever been through a re-org? Does the phrase, “Willing suspension of disbelief” mean anything to you? Yep, literature reaches the office. It takes serious faith to do this. We are making the transition from a staffing company to a true projects based SI and it isn’t quick, nor easy. Pain and expense are rife and in the end, odds are we will pull back before reaching the end.

Enter that good ole suspension of disbelief. Without it, we won’t even get started, and unless it is very strong, we won’t make it. So here we go. Mission statement and all.

Did I mention that my daughter is the cutest?

In other news, it seems that the time may be ripe to re-enter the world of online wine sales. A couple of friends (the ops dude, a wine guy or two and a creative genius) are coming together and we’re going to give my idea a shot. Not full time mind you, but very seriously. We will be selling subscriptions to a monthly wine club that will blow the critics minds and providing our members access to some truly hard to find old stuff as we locate it?

Just what is up our sleeves? You won’t know unless you join now, will you? LOL. Actually, anyone will be able to browse and buy, but everyone has to wait til the hoops are jumped through. Can anyone say, “Business Plan”? Thought so…

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