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The extra mile…

Nature's Extra Mile
Nature’s Extra Mile,
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I was at dinner last night (AMAZING PIZZA) with a group of friends and somehow the topic came around to employees and hiring/firing. A friend from NY was in town and talking about a Sales Manager that he hired (and fired) for his 5th avenue furniture boutique. He let him go because he caught him copying information from the company rolodex into his personal address book, but that was only part of it.

Here we were at a restaurant that insists on the very best. This place is truly special. They only make a fixed number of pies each night and insist on the very best ingredients. Nothing but the best. Basically they have sacrificed quantity for quality and there is always a line. Every night!

So Robert, the friend from NY, was describing his disgust with his employee. The man had put “initiative” on his resume and wasn’t showing it. That was the real reason for firing him. While stealing the addresses was the legal reason, it was the lack of initiative that really did it.

I have friends who like to think that they do just what is required, but it isn’t really true. They take it the extra mile. What about me? Call me at home on a Sunday with your business problem and I’ll get people out of bed. I make your problems my own problems. And it works. Not every time, but more than 80% of the time. That is the extra mile. Think about your favorite restaurant. Do they go the extra mile? How about your accountant? Your doctor? Why not?!?

Just some thoughts to ponder…

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