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Cape Falcon, OR

Cape Falcon, OR
Cape Falcon, OR,
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As I drive (or rather ride) across Ohio and Kentucky, gazing out the windows at the rolling hills and the farms, I realize why someone would want to live here. It begins to seem almost wild. Then I remember that it is 100 degrees out and the humidity is at least 90% and I come to my senses.

I don’t know if I’ve posted here before about this, but in my professional life I run into many people who I admire and many companies with good people, but I remain skeptical that good management makes a company more likely to suceed. Here is an example.

I am visiting a great company this week, assessing their eCommerce needs. This is a very well managed company. I don’t have much evidence yet, but I am beginning to see that they take things one step at a time and excercise logic. They plan ahead and give things time to work to fruition. Of course they have their problems, but this is a well managed company, and they are doing VERY well. I LIKE the people.

Contrasted with last week and another sucessful company. We won’t talk about the people OR the management. My conclusion is that I MUCH prefer the well managed company. Other than that, I’m not convinced that it matters!


PS – Oh yeah, I also decided that I much prefer the coasts and not so much humidity!

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