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Blogger or Journalist..?

So what is the definition of a journalist? According to the American Heritage Dictionary, and I paraphrase, it is one whose occupation is journalism (cop-out) or one who keeps a journal.

What do I think of this? Me? An opinion? What a concept. Ok, enough with the sarcasm. Of course I have one. THIS IS A JOURNAL!

I guess that makes me a journalist. In fact, it is even a commercial endeavor. And I don’t mean in any grey, mushy way. I don’t mean that it improves my career potential over time. NOPE, I mean that I sell advertising. Actually, I trade “Blogger” space for a banner in return for the use of a system to edit, post and show off my blog!

People, that makes me a journalist. Not a good one maybe, but since when has quality been part of meeting the bar? Seen Fox news lately? One thing I don’t have is an editor. Peer review? Well, I did tell most of my peers what I was doing, so I guess so!

There have been complaints (MANY) that there is a lack of “journalistic” impartiality. I won’t go into much detail here, but I do have a FEW points:

1) Seen Fox News lately?

2) Advertising revenue?

Think what you want, I take EVERYTHING I read, see or hear the same way I take much of my food! With a grain of salt, so to speak!

(humorous aside… Blogger’s spellcheck doesn’t recognize spellcheck, Blogger, NOR Blog!)

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