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Another week, another day, another OUCH!

I got shots today! Four of them. Two in each shoulder. Now I won’t get Hepatitis A or B, Typhoid, Tetnus or even Polio! Nice to know that. My insurance company won’t pay for these either. They are $800 out of pocket.

Who are these people? I am lucky though, I expensed it as it is all for a business trip, but what about the poor student? How about honeymooners? Seem s to me that not paying for them and then having to cover the cost of treating Hepatitis is just plain STUPID. Mean spirited as well!

Oh well, maybe it is just the pain in my arm speaking. Still, going to a clinic that doesn’t deal with insurance companies is fun. The people are happy and friendly. I feel like this should be a tenet of customer service. Don’t deal with insurance companies. They will make you irritated and short tempered!

So why all these shots? Well we landed a big fish and I get to go to India! While I’m excited by that, the prospect of a few weeks in Houston preparing with the client is another story!

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