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Time passes… Church kicks out thinking member…

I find myself not sure if this is a blog about business, a blog about whining? Actually, this turns out just to be a blog for me! So far, few seem to read, but I have realized that I write this for me. Some day, I may have an audience. But I’m not writing for others.

I write to write. I write rarely. But I have realized that the common thread is my life, not the blog. I started out talking about a notetaking application. I have written about Friday afternoons and whined about our health insurance not covering travel immunizations. So far I haven’t talked about relationships. I HAVE posted pictures of my daughter.

How has our great country come to the place it finds itself today? How has the party of unthinking devotion to business interests and exclusionary scare tactics come to be seen as the party that stands for family values? How have we come to the point where abortion rights are a political issue? Abortion is terrible. But how can we worry about abortion when we can’t feed the kids we already have? How does a pastor in the south justify actually kicking members of his congregation out for not supporting bush?

Since when is it any of HIS business who they vote for? It his job to provide spiritual LEADERSHIP! He isn’t a manager, he is a leader! Where did we lose sight of the difference. A leader provides examples. A leader expresses concern. A leader argues a cause. If nine people chose not to blindly follow, then it is HIS problem. If he so choses to view it that way!

Now don’t get me wrong, I find bush to be short sighted, not very intelligent, and a serious follower. I feel that he picks someone early on to listen to, and once a choice is made, is happy to lead (manage) us right off a very visible cliff in the interests of not confusing the issue with valid arguments.

He seems able to blindly follow his own thoughts long after even his own party has begun to question him. He talks about the moral leadership of his party, but he is willingly able to support people to abuse their power. I actually think that once in Iraq, we have a duty. But his leadership is SO blind. (Wow, writing this is SO depressing)

Oh well. Back to the church thing. That idiotic baptist minister doesn’t have a CLUE about separation of church and state! DUH! Our country has always had difficulty with this. Since day one. Our forefathers did many things unintentionaly. What they really meant was that as long as you believe in a Christian God and Jesus Christ you are allowed your own view! Well not really, but we sure are heading that way!

Fine line. Very fine line this idiot is treading. He is telling his congregation not to think independantly. He is saying he is right. I don’t pretend to believe in his god, but let me tell you, under his own rules he has some answering to do. If he turns out to be right, then his day of reckoning is sure gonna suck!

OK, maybe this is enough. Have I offended enough people? Maybe he SHOULD be allowed to kick those people out. It will sure improve nine lives!


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