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A night in the bay, a week in the life…

Things have been busy again for a week. I spent a night in the Bay and spent a few hours working with our team there. These guys JUST started charging. That can’t be! But so our manager claims.

I’ll have to look into that. I pretty much thought that investors took their money and ran, so it would SHOCK me, that they had been allowed to play this long. Must be that they are charging for something else already…

At any rate, these guys wanted to change from a shared risk contract to a fixed bid contract. What is it about finance departments and fixed bids. They are so enamored with them. As someone who specializes in finishing projects on time and budget though, I like them as well.

Seems like that in itself would be enough to make the finance guy suspicious, but nope!

Speaking of suspicious. The weather here in Oregon seems to be back to its normal self. After a month of warm sun and basically NO rain since December, we’ve had 8 inches in two weeks. Can’t say in truth that I minded the 80 degrees in Sunnyvale, CA, but that is where weather like that belongs. In CA!

We had a “wildfire”, albeit tiny, right outside Portland in MARCH! March I tell you. If I wanted that kind of thing, I’d move to LA!

And what is it about my luck in the back of Airplanes? So close and yet SO FAR! I moved my flight home out of Oakland to San Jose, so of course, I ended up with a seat in the back, middle of the row! It gets worse though. In the 30 minutes or so that I’m waiting to board, I have a bit of an eye flirt with an attractive someone. Usually means nothing, but we manage to even be next to each other in line.

We get on and move down the aisle. So close, she ends up right behind me, even “brushes” the top of my head with her hair as she gets in to her seat. I get a nice waft of perfume to go with the 350 pound woman who is taking up half my seat!!! Airlines, if you are listening, it is MY SEAT. You make me share the armrest, but not the damn SEAT! MINE!


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