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Mind Mapping… Mind Mapping on a Tablet in Ink!

In my quest for great note/knowledgebase software and it’s intersection with the Tablet, I’ve been playing with MindManager Pro X5 from MindJet. I’ve always been intrigued by the concept and was reminded by a Lifehacker entry.

Long story short, the freemind package is really slick (and multiplatform), but MindManger on a Tablet is mind altering. I took notes during a Microsoft Regional Partners (PacWest) briefing and am completely hooked!

It took a few seconds to get the hang of, but WOW!!! Taking notes has always been a bit haphazard for me and I always find myself wanting Visio to do more FOR me. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for to take notes and flesh out ideas.

The free stuff is really nice too, but doesn’t support ink and therefore not something that can really be used from a Tablet. It doesn’t solve my centralized, yet distributed, knowledgebase issue, but it is a GREAT way to capture notes on the Tablet.

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