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Is it 1998 again? The economy is rolling for us…

This time last year we were in maintenance mode. People keep talking about feast or famine, as if we go through cycles every few months, but it doesn’t feel like that to me. I have four of five irons in the fire and they all seem to be hot!

We are trying to figure out what to do about it. Not really sure what to do. Can’t hire enough people fast enough. Feels like 1998 again. But very different. This isn’t dot com startups. This is big business, small business, even mid-sized business. Everyone has projects.

Unlike 1998 no one is throwing money away. But they all have stuff that NEEDS to get done. Let me repeat that! NEEDS TO GET DONE.

I’m back to flying around again. A night in the bay and a night in Texas each week. A month in India! I guess it might be feast. Feels like track practice though. I even have irons that are hot that aren’t in the fire!

Speaking of things that need to get done!

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