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So, are the late 90’s back?

Geneva gets down!Last week, among other things I made a job offer to a tech guy. Now I know he is a specialist, and even located in the bay, but I offered 115k and he turned it down. Asked for 120k. This guy is good, don’t get me wrong.

Really, don’t get me wrong, I gave him the 120k, but it really made me think. We’re putting him out at one of those DotComs that made it, barely. In fact, we even have a huge project writing a product for scratch for a startup! Sound familiar?

Now there is a difference. Neither of these companies has any plans to “go public” any time soon, but they are still reminiscent of the things that we saw in the good old days!

Just something to keep in mind.

Oh, yeah, thinking some more about that note-taking, ink recognizing, all platform, knowledgebase, tablet pc thing. Why is it that I can’t really take an idea seriously until I’ve modeled the data in my head. I’m serious about that. In this case though, I think that I’m right. I think that I have to get the data and the API’s right (or at least prototyped) before I can even consider a client application.

In fact, I think that I might even get others to write the clients, or at least support my backend from theirs!

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