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This Personal Knowledgebase Tablet PC thing…

So far as I can tell, IMAP is the closest thing I’ve come up with. There are web clients, the messages are searchable, the messages are “owned” at the server, but cached locally for offline access. Clients are available almost everywhere.

So, does that mean that IMAP is the way to go? I don’t think so. There are several issues with using IMAP, although the thought is intriguing.

  1. IMAP is categorized by parent folder (One category per message).
  2. IMAP is designed to send and receive messages (it isn’t “quick” to move a message).
  3. IMAP tends to be SLOW.

Now, where does that leave us? Well, I don’t think that this has to be that complex. I think that we can start off with a simple data model. Think Blog!

We put together a central database running on a MySQL server. The client application subscribes, and syncs. The application on the client stores its data in a simple XML file. In reality though, the client application can store its data anyway that it needs to, platform specific really.

On an HTML client it can be stored in an XML data island. Basically, we can build a client application for any platform. If the platform supports ink, then we support ink. If the platform only has a numeric keypad, then that is what we support.

BUT, the data gets centralized and distributed! Doesn’t matter where the note is taken, it is synced as soon as possible up to the server and out to the client. As a user, I will be able to set up security profiles that allow me to allow my assistant to view parts of my knowledgebase, while I can see the whole thing.

It is foreseeable that we would be able to “share” a knowledgebase across an enterprise…

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