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So why shouldn’t I use IMAP…

A reader named Dave brought to my attention the fact that I COULD certainly use IMAP as a storage medium for this Knowledgebase thingy. And he is completely correct, I could. But I would be definitely writing lots of code to handle the differences between your email client and a true knowledgebase.

While, as he points out, I CAN store keywords in IMAP, it isn’t really what it is designed for. In fact, he also points out that we could easily move messages from Folder to Folder, but even he admits it is a three part transaction. Instead, I want it to be a single transaction. I also want a note to be able to branch with multiple, non-linear edits from one or more clients.

I think it is time to start defining the data model and the server side object model. The DB on the server will be MySQL as it is FREE and fast. In addition, it is supported on everything from and IBM Mainframe to a simple XP Home box and that means that as developers we will be able to run the server on anything from big iron to your home pc. In fact, even that Tablet PC you have COULD be a server in a pinch.

I will write the server in Php 5 because, once again it is free and I can find LOTS of free hosts. The clients however will be written in whatever is best suited for them. That means that handhelds will be J2ME, Tablets and Notebooks will be .Net.

I think that is enough to get going with though!!!

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