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More thoughts about that Tablet PC…

I still think that IM is the killer app for the Tablet PC. There are even articles describing the concept. But still no apps seem to be available.

Not sure what that means… I’m planning on putting something together as a proof of concept. That of course won’t happen until after the three proposals that I have to put together in the next 4 days. When it rains, it does pour.

Everyone seems to blog about blogging. One of my favorite blogs is Halley’s Comment and she not only blogs about blogging, but also it seems, travels and speaks about blogging! What a thought.

I, on the other hand, travel and talk about technology. Oh yeah, and anything else that appeals to me! These days thoughts of writing and photography are rampant. And gardening. What is it with the weather in Portland this year. Snow on the east coast and 68 and perfectly clear in Portland.

When I’ve got a few more of these under my belt, I’ll have to start thinking of blogging on blogs. Until then however, I’m stuck with this.

Back to photography for a moment. While the good camera is down for the count (4 yr olds and cameras can be like oil and water), I’ve been playing with images from the other camera. This is an older Fuji model with an incredible delay factor.

When I take pictures of the kids, I have to plan about 2/3 of a second ahead. Fun to get them still though. And the PRINTS! It is amazing to print a full page photo! The funny thing though is that our 4 yr old takes the best photos. Hands down. Her ability to “catch” the moment is serendipitous. Come back later for some of those photos!

Well now. Time to move on. Time to…

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