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Welcome to my online world…

Enojy it, hate it, love it, ignore it. It is however mine! So I’ll be having fun with it.

Today I found some really cool stuff while I was at work. As the Anonymous Manager, I’ll be brief. While I don’t post during work hours, I do browse. I have been researching Tablet PC’s and note taking software in general and somehow during my fruitless search, I stumbled across a really cool piece of software. (not note taking software unfortunately)

The truth is, I didn’t even get to see the software run, as it is Mac only, but the concept rocks. This is a piece of software that sniffs your network for images and builds a changing collage of them. Whatever people are viewing, there they are. That is SO COOL. Social pressure? You bet? Surfing porn? Not anymore.

I love simple ideas!

I found a few other fun things as well. Remember that catalog from the 80’s? Whole Earth Catalog? I loved that thing. Well after founding the WELL and Wired, Kevin Kelly may be my hero. At any rate, I found Kevin Kelly today!

Did I get off topic again? Wow, hate it when that happens… Still not really sure about this Tablet. I’ve had one on and off for a year now. They are SOOOO close. Really good at times and then, REALLY slow.

They seem like they could be SO awesome, but their PERFECT uses just aren’t there yet. Here I have the most connected device in the world and I can’t really IM…

Without a keyboard, no go! I’m thinking that a simple IM client may be the killer app for it. The ability to sketch something in ink and send it over chat? Even if the other end is a keyboard, then we could still chat. Scrawl and send…

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