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Sunny Fridays are HARD!

I have been trying to concentrate on work all day! Something about 65 degree weather in February in Oregon. Just not Right! Not right maybe, but still quite pleasant.

This digital camera thing is driving me crazy. I’ve had two of the little ones. A Fuji (still works) and a Cannon Powershot A45 that bit the dust from 4 feet. While they both take good pictures, they really don’t work very well as snapshot takers. They are great for scenery. But ever try to catch your children running by leading them with a half second? Try to catch just the right moment, only to get a picture of a tree instead of the little ones grin on the run? So am I stuck with a big camera? I do miss the SLR. The feel of it. Even a beginner looks like an expert with the authority of a big lens.

Enough of the whining though. Remember that Tablet PC I’ve been talking about? Turns out the latest MSN Messenger supports Ink. Not only that, it supports ink INCREDIBLY well. If I’m chatting with an up to date client on the other side it lets me send the image, but it also does an amazing job of recognition. It isn’t perfect, but it is at about 99%. It gets almost everything right!

So now, I’ve been imagining the perfect note system. I want to take the notes on the Tablet and have them IM’d to a central repository any time a connection is present. If one isn’t present I want them to queue up. Then, when I plug my notebook in, I want them to get IM’d right into its DB. I want to get back from a meeting and sit down at my desk and have the notes already right there on the notebook or the desktop or whatever device. In fact, I want it to send them to the Pocket PC I have as well. I even want it to take the recognized text and shoot it out to my blackberry!!!

Am I taking this too far? Am I asking too much? I don’t think I am. I don’t need it this year. But that is what I want.

Didn’t I start off thinking about sun? Time to go back to thinking about sun!

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