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A long time, no blog!

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Summer hits and I don’t have enough time to blog anymore? Hmm, is that what blue sky does to me? Well, at any rate, I have been enjoying the summer. New friends, birthday parties, fun with a camera… Generally working hard, enjoying a new relationship, a growing daughter and eating well.

I had begun to forget cooking good food with good ingredients. Two weeks in a row now we’ve been to the farmer’s markets and gotten fun stuff to grill up. Fresh salmon one weekend and saturday we had oysters on the grill. MMMMM. With good solid bread, wonderful salads, good wine and great company. And the little one (TWO NOW!!!) has become a foodie. She LOVES shrimp. Has a feel for strong cheeses, likes to munch spicy stuff and is at home with unsweetened ice tea! So much fun…

Work has been much more relaxed lately. In fact, I haven’t been away from home in several weeks, although that will change this week. I get to hop a lift to Minnesota and back where I get to talk about eCommerce and SAP for up to FIVE hours! A stretch you say? I agree, so I’ll be thinking hard…

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