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Music, Jazz and the Blues…

I do so love blogs. While I am a dedicated reader of just about anything that will make a plane ride go faster, I have to admit that I was REALLY happy to find that Firefox and Bloglines had conspired to leave me with almost 50 great entries open on the way home from Houston the other night! The movie was over (early in the month, so I hadn’t already seen it 4 times) and I decided to get a bit of work done.

Well, one thing led to another and there I was, reading my some of my favorite writers on Bloglines! So much for work. A good chuckle and on I went.

Today though. My daughter is sleeping in the other room (late naps are always dangerous) and I find myself looking at a top ten list and there it is… Shoe Fly Pie and then I know! The urge to listen to the blues. First Ella. Maybe some Louie. Might even listen to Krall. Why not. Out comes Napster. And now I’m listenin! Oh, yeah. Very happy.

One thing leads to another and I’m writing this! Thanks Lauren (Feministe).

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