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Hindsight? Meet 2012!

We started WaveQ two years ago, and it has been a wild ride. So it has been almost two years without a post. Hanging on for dear life at times, pushing hard the whole time. Christmas is a great time to reflect though. A time to look back, a time to peer into the future. As we look forward into 2012, what is on the horizon? Or more importantly, what can we do to have an effect on what is on the horizon? It is hard enough to look back and figure out how you got to where you are, much less look forward and figure out where you are heading.

So often people say pat little things like, hindsight is 20-20. Really? My experience is that hindsight is filled with the same pitfalls that accompany foresight. The farther away from RIGHT NOW that we get, the foggier our vision, in either direction. What would you have done differently? Can you project where it would have lead you with any more accuracy than your predictions on the path that you took?

Big choices are still big. So what is it that I’m trying to say? I’m saying that wherever you are, there you are. That’s the beauty of the human condition. We have spent the last two years growing a business in the most difficult of times. But it sure didn’t feel that way. Rent prices and office availability were amazing. Competition was down, if not out. Cash flow finance was difficult, for us and for our customers, but attitude allowed that to become our advantage.

Looking back, is there a 20-20 view? What is your prediction for 2012? Mine includes lots of hard work. Fun, but still hard work. I can predict with 100% certainty that I will get up early, put in fulfilling, long days, and come home to help out with family, food and friends.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays,

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