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Reflecting on half a year of writing code…

It has been awhile since I just wrote code.  In fact, I don’t actually remember the last time that was my job, day in and day out.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written lots of code, but it hasn’t been my job, or at least not my sole job.  As a CIO, I was expressly told NOT to write code or role up my sleeves.  As a practice manager, it was a sign that I hadn’t put the right team in place.  As a hobby?  Ok, as a hobby its been fine.

Seven months ago I quit my job.  Six and a half months ago I started on a project for a friends company.  Basically, I’m building a business process automation tool that allows complex and interdependent business processes to be mapped, and then automated with a focus on data management and statistical analysis.

Long story short?  I get up, write python and javascript, test it, refactor it and generally do it again the next day.

I absolutely love a few things about my job:
1)  NO Politics at all.
2)  Pay is decent.
3)  Working from home is amazing.

You know what I don’t like?
1)  No Politics.
2)  Pay is decent.
3)  Working from home.

Nothing surprising there I suppose.  Just a few random thoughts to begin the year.

PS – The dog LOVES that I work at home!!!

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