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A little light thinking for lunch…

Tom Peter’s blog has a great post from Steve Yarrow today.  One that comes to mind every time I hear a the “Across the Board” statement.  Basically, he is saying that any time you hear, Across the Board Cuts, you should be leary and call the person out.

While I’m not sure it is always a good career move to call your boss (or her boss’s boss) out, the thought is spot on.  What you should be doing, just like in good times, is taking a hard look at ops and expenses throughout the organization.  Across the Board should refer to the look, not the cuts.

Maybe you can’t afford an expensive gamble project right now.  Maybe however you have a new team looking at making an investment to save you 10%.  That team probably shouldn’t get cut right now!  Not to be too heavy on Tom today, but Tom posted another one today about Warren Buffet and his investment rule about understanding every company in which he invests.  Same thing here.

You have to understand something to invest in it, internally or externally, and you had better understand things before you cut them!  Just a thought!

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