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The perfect christmas present for GW & the EFF

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has produced a cute little song to solicit donations and I think they’ve earned their money this year, working hard on a multitude of issues including Travel Screening, Fair Voting and chasing down the NSA.  So what do they work on?

  • Free Speech Rights
  • Innovation Issues
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Issues
  • Privacy Rights
  • Transparency

(They say it better though.)

Someone else who deserves a gift is our outgoing president.  We would figure that the upcoming time off would be enough, but to be fair, he doesn’t really need more time off (he takes a bit more than 12 weeks a year).  So what should we get him?  Well, the good people of San Francisco decided not to name their sewer plant after the President.  It just wasn’t fair to the hard working plant.  Don’t get me wrong, they truly considered it.  They even put it on a ballot.  So how about a gift membership to the EFF?

GW has been very kind to the EFF over the past eight years.  He has handed them more work than they ever thought possible.  In fact, without GW, they might never have gotten the publicity it takes to really make a difference.  So how about a gift membership in the name of George W. Bush?

Merry Christmas!

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