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India Trip – Day Six

Today we visited family friends (or at least their house/compound) in the country.  We went inland a bit and took a national highway north (I think).  This road is very new and quite modern, two lanes each way with a bit of a median and even road signs, which elicited quite the excited commentary from Sridevi!  This is a big deal as she remembers when this was a single track dirt road as a kid.  At any rate it was a treat to leave the city behind.  The custom here is that as you approach a vehicle you honk the horn before passing, even on the highway.

The highway is shared by bicycles, cows, pedestrians, trucks, mopeds, auto-rickshaws and cars alike, and with a speed limit of about 80 kilometers an hour, it is a good thing these cows are well behaved!

Soon we were driving through huge rice paddy’s, basically extending for miles in each direction, the lush green was amazing.  It wasn’t long before we turned left through a village and followed a track about 4 kilometers into a luxury vacation complex.

The house was quite surprising with items, large and small from his travels abroad.  He even had a miniature golf course set up, right next to a giant outdoor chess table, inset into the ground.

One of the high points was meeting and playing with their two 6 month old labs, making us miss Budha even more…

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