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India, 2008 – Day Eleven

Today, we finally got a chance to sleep in a bit (7:30) before heading to the airport.  Off to Ellora by way of Hyderabad, Mumbai & Aurangabad airports followed by a 1.5 hr cab ride to Hotel Kailas, recommended by Tom Bender who visited Ellora long before it was a common destination.

The drive through Aurangabad and out into the hills is my first indication of change.  While the traffic resembles that of Vizag, the cars are a bit larger and there seem to be a few more western cars, specifically we pass a GM dealership.  Taqi, the driver, zips is along at a great rate, and there are a few moments where I wonder about my life…  Taqi agrees to let us explore Ellora tomorrow and return the next day to take us to Ajanta.  Furthermore, with no prepayment, he will arrange a guide for Ajanta and pick us up bus tickets from Aurangabad to Pune as well.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say tomorrow, but as soon as we see the hotel we are sure we’ve made a good decision and the food seems to agree!

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