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Is Time equal to Money?

In physics, energy and mass are bound by the speed of light squared.  What makes it the speed of light?  Well, actually the speed of light is relative to time, and constant, really, we are using time to equate energy and mass.  Back to project management/design/development/etc…

Can we just simply say that Money = Time?   Well that doesnt seem right.  It can’t be that simple or clean.  So how do they actually relate?  We need a co-efficient of some sort.  How about complexity?  The problem here is that complexity isn’t a constant.  In fact, both money and time are more constant than complexity.  Prior to Einstien though, the assumption was that Mass was a constant.  He flipped that around and made the speed of light the constant.  So maybe complexity is a factor of a relationship between a constant (features?) and Time and Money.

So maybe we take features and make it the speed of light.  Now we square it and get complexity. Now we have Complexity = (Features Squared).  Lets use money for energy because after all, money is the damage, right?

Money = Time * (Features Squared)

Of course that whole “Mythical Man Month” thing throws a hell of a wrench into the pie.  So does the argument that python is more productive than java (or c#, Perl, php, Assembler, C++).  But in the end, if we correct for productivity (people AND technology platform), then we get pretty close.

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