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Professional Services? Business Consulting? Venture Capitalist?

So, as I mentioned, we’ve been thinking about a company… And we’ve been thinking about culture (open for sure) and sources of power… Basically, we’re thinking about a business.


But we don’t want to be like so and so. Well, I’ve heard that about a hundred times, and I’ve even walked away from groups starting up because of it.


But we really mean it. We want to be different. What’s that you say, you’ve heard that before too? Well damn it, we DO mean it. And so did the others. And in the end, we’ll all be about the same, I’m sure.


But we are going to ignore that whole thing and be excited and talk about being different anyway…

So, business consultants, specializing in online product facilitation. We have partners and alliance members who are Venture Capitalists, Development Companies, Hosting Providers and Support Specialists, but we are the experts who you can call to get your product or service back on track.

We will be your one stop shop. We will help you design the project, build it, finance it, host it, support it and in return, we will want a piece of the pie. Phone systems, monitoring, tech support, software frameworks, hosting environments, if you don’t have them, we can provide them. In return for part of the risk though, we ask for part of the pie.

Tom Peters (yes, I keep coming back to him) has a post, Create the Perfect Storm PSF on a company Schlumberger that acts as a hired gun professional services firm in the Old & Gas industry. Basically, they work on fixed fees, and in a growing number of cases, a percentage basis to provide soup to nuts services in their industry.

Tom’s posts in always hit fairly close to home, but right now, this is exactly what we are planning. We want our clients to be in the midst of a perfect storm opportunity. We want them to be facing obstacles which will force them to be thinking creatively. We want to unabashedly bring our resources to bear. We want to leverage the last 20 years of experience and contacts. We want to leverage our network.

Yep. Tom is someone who writes something almost every day that makes me go, “Exactly!”

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